Linksys ea9200

I have succeeded in creating my own snapshot build for EA9200.
Currently just boots up and shows the OpenWRT landing page. No wireless or anything.
Here is the link if anyone wants to give it a try EA9200

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I have the first alpha build for EA9200, with working Radio, Switch and other things.
I have forked from hurrian's repo for EA9500 and made necessary changes for 9200.
Let me know your feedbacks


howto flash?

Thank you so much for building this!

I was lucky enough to you have factory firmware 1.1.5 and was able to flash from factory GUI!!! Not sure if you can downgrade if you are on 1.1.7 or 1.1.9. 1.1.5 no longer on Linksys site. Found this:

Older firmware also might be in your alternate boot location which I recall having read loads after 3 failed attempts at normal boot. Power off 10 seconds into boot maybe???

Otherwise, you probably have to go serial cable...

Another reference thread:

Hope that helps.

I'm very surprised at your work!

I wonder if there is stock firmware's trx. I don't know why but my 2.4GHz network is disappeared, so I'd like to start again from scratch.


I solved. I could flash stock firmware(1.1.5 ver.) after nvram erase command.

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