Linksys EA8500 Install Glitch [SOLVED]

Hi all

Trust someone might guide me to OpenWRT heaven aboard a Linksys EA8500. I prepared carefully, read FAQs, thought I could manage it, but ended up in a slight pickle.

Followed post #56 suggestion here:

Downloaded from here:

These files:
both dated 11 December 2018

I managed to load the factory bin, rebooted, but cannot find a GUI log-in at

My EA8500-AU (Australia) build date is May 2015 (!), with ancient firmware FW_EA8500_1.1.4.168206_prod.img

I'd like to complete the project, brick-free. Constructive suggestions please? Thanks.

I'm just lost....why didn't you follow this? -

And...since it has an OEM GUI flash method, there's not much here on debricking:

I hope the best.

Thanks for your input. Recommended FW would not load at all on my router. IMHO those tagged "OEM installation instructions" appear, for ordinary folks like me, somewhat cursory, lacking precise sequential detail. If the collective opinion of this community is that beginners like me are best not touching OpenWRT, so be it. (BTW I also tried a DDWRT installation. No matter how many times I loaded factory and upgrade components successfully, the router reverted to stock FW. No doubt an unfortunate side-effect of its dual boot system?) Should I therefore revert to stock FW with this sequence:
Login to router via SSH
cd /tmp
sysupgrade -f foo-fw.bin

Or perhaps, using SSH, load missing components? It appears the factory bin has loaded.

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Prebuilt snapshot images do not come with any web interface or GUI

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Thanks for link.

I understand, with router connected to internet, I should ssh the following:

opkg update && opkg install luci-ssl-openssl libuhttpd-openssl

/etc/init.d/uhttpd start
/etc/init.d/uhttpd enable

Once Luci is installed am I easily able to switch across to 18.06.1 for stability?

Say, downloading this file:

from here:

After successful SSH Luci install, I have a working GUI. But it remains only a snapshot version of OpenWRT. What is your recommended method for "updating" this snapshot version to stable, complete Must I refresh all packages one by one? Thanks.

You can either downgrade to 18.06.x or wait for 19.01.0, if you're looking for a release version of OpenWrt.

…or you stick to snapshots and update to newer ones semi-regularly (using sysupgrade and a newer firmware image), OpenWrt is not made with continuous in-place upgrades in mind (aside from leaf packages).

Thanks. Might wait for OWRT 19.01. What recommended method please?

If an OWRT expert could recommend the method for "cross-grading" firmware. Is it within Luci or CLI sysupgrade? Explained here perhaps?

The sysupgrade page (or CLI command, the web page merely launches the same CLI command) can flash any OpenWrt "sysupgrade" firmware whether it is newer or older than what is running. It is recommended not to save settings if the version you are flashing is considerably different from what you have.

Thanks. Worked out well. Flashed 18.06 and router stable and fast. Now my OWRT education really starts! Will mark as solved.

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