Linksys EA8300

I have a Linksys E8300 and after performing a firmware update to 19.7.07 the device appears to be bricked. Wireless is off however when connecting to the router directly I can receive a DHCP address, release and renew. The only way to get the router back is to power cylcle 4 times 10 seconds. The device comes back to life but the firmare version is still 19.7.05

dual firmware, but if you have DHCP, it's not dead.

Sure you didn't install a snapshot without web UI ?

The version downloaded was from this website. There was not an option for downloading a version without Web UI.

does ssh work ?

I was able to get the router back using the power cycle method 3 times. Looks like there needs to be script written to manually delete the OEM partition so the upgrade firmware can write to it. I can log into the router now so ssh is not needed.

Are you on 19.07.5 or 19.07.7 now that you gained back access to your router?

the version is 19.07.5 and I have been reading other threads about the EA8300 and do not see a step by step guide on what to do next. I am willing to try ssh but I cannot understand all the threads and try to piece it together.

To understand correctly

  • you upgraded from 19.07.5 -> 19.07.7
    -> With or without keeping settings?
  • you are getting an IP adress via DHCP
  • you can not access your device via GUI -> How do you access your device and what exactly happens? Any error messages?

What you can do next

  1. Answer the questions shown above
  2. Try to access via ssh
  3. After 19.07.7 installation, reset your browser cache, then try again to access the OpenWrt GUI
  4. If you have a serial cable available, hook that up and see what exactly is happening when you are trying to upgrade to 19.07.7

Upgraded with keep settings.
There is not an upgrade successful message or error message. There is nothing. The router appears to reboot via the LEDs. The wifi SSIDs are not visible to any device, phones, laptops,, ect.

To get back into device I connected a laptop directly with patch cable. Power cycled the router 3X waiting 10 sec with power off each time.

It sounds like it loaded 19.07.7 and not LuCI.

Can you “ssh root@ ”, then “opkg update” and then “opkg install luci-ssl-nginx”? Reboot and LuCI should be up.

If that doesn’t work, hold down the reset button for 15 seconds to factory reset and reattempt the procedure above.

If that didn’t work...

Then you should just flash a fresh copy of 19.07.7.

The EA8300 is a dual firmware device. Do the 3x10 reset to get back to 19.07.5.

Then try to flash 19.07.7.

The above again applies, you will have to ssh in, set a new password, and manually install LuCI as it is not included with this bin.

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