Linksys EA8300 vs ZBT WE1326: support and capability

I currently am using the WE1326 and it is meeting our rather meager needs (no VPN, wireguard, or VLANs). I also have a EA8300 that I just flashed to 23.05.3 (after increasing the kernal partition) successfully.

I will keep the EA8300 as a backup incase the WE1326 fails, but am interested in perspectives on which unit will be more likely to be supported with upcoming releases of OpenWRT?

Which router is viewed as the most capable? When I look at the specs, they seem similar with the EA8300 having the edge on the CPU specs but I have no idea how the two architectures compare.

Thanks for your thoughts.

The one with more flash and RAM, probably in that order, will be supported longer.

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I have already tested kernels 6.1 and 6.6 on a MR8300 (close to EA8300). It's working fine, but there is a bug with the the port speed which is probably also occuring with EA8300. Would you care to check about?

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The EA8300 has 256MB NAND Flash and 256MB RAM.
The WE3526 has 16MB Flash and 512MB RAM.

The EA8300 also has 4 cores at 717MHz while the WE3526 has 2 cores at 880MHz. So does the Qualcomm IPQ4019 (EA8300) also provide "better" architecture than the MediaTek MT7621AT (WE3526)?

Seems I should definitely keep the EA8300.

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If I understand the steps to reproduce, I'd need a WAN source at 100Mb/s. My ISP provides ~40Mb/s. Can the WAN source be just another PC? There the challenge would be finding one with a 100Mb/s LAN card.

Yes. It's easy : you can manually set the NIC speed within its options.

Also notice that another user has described a similar problem with another device. The speed drops when a computer is off, so the NIC is disabled.
Also there is a high CPU usage when transfering files from LAN to LAN, which should not occur. It doesn't occur when using kernel 5.15 (23.05).

Unless if you plan to upgrade to some kind of fiber solution, such bandwith can be handled by any of these routers.