Linksys EA8300 v1.1

Hi all!

I would like to know if hardware version 1.1 of this router model is supported by OpenWRT. I see 1.0 is supported, but it's not clear enough for me that 1.1 is supported too.

Thank you!

If it's out of warranty you can open it up and check the board to see if it matches the v1. Usually, minor updates (1.1, 1.2) indicate software changes and not hardware revisions.


I have a MR8300 v1.1. Both devices are almost identical (MR8300 has more memory). The OpenWrt factory file can be flashed without any issue. So I'm pretty confident you can do the same for the EA8300.

one of the way to check is to download a firmware update
while you are looking get the V1.0 & the V1.1
you may find out it's the same file
this is a good indication it will work
but if the OEM firmware differs between V1 & V1.1 then No they are diffrent