Linksys EA8300 sysupgrade from Chef Imagebuilder

i tried flashing a sysupgrade image built by this service and i chose to keep the old settings.;However, it didn't succeed and holding the reset button brought me back.
here is the build link

i did try to set uci defaults in the form of

uci set network.wan.proto=pppoe
uci set network.wan.username='myusername'
uci set network.wan.password='mypassword'
uci commit network
ifup wan

is sysupgrade still having troubles on this router or is something wrong with the build?

@chef>uci-defaults states this is an alpha feature try without it.

define old... ( from what version to what version ).....

also try without it.

backing up your settings and trying an official sysupgrade.bin may answer that for you.