Linksys EA8300: static bonding of ports LAN1 and LAN2

Hi everyone, I just flashed the latet openwrt snapshot on my EA8300, and I have to thank already the community and @jeff in particular for the amazing work done to add support for this device.

While experimenting around, I wanted to check if with OpenWRT I can set up static link aggregation on ports LAN1 and LAN2 like in the OEM firmware.

I have read most of the topics here in the forum about enabling LACP, and I did not find much about static bonding like the OEM firmware does, and it seems like there is a limitation as the OS sees ports LAN1-4 as a single eth0 interface, while kernel support for LACP seems to require separate interfaces to be configured.

I have no idea about how the OEM firmware was achieving the bonding: It was limited to static only configuration, with no LACP support (which could be just a software limit, or indicate some kind of limited hw support for link aggregation) and only to ports LAN1 and LAN2 (but could have been a limit of the GUI, which in general was quite opinionated and frustrating).

I am wondering if someone has tried to get it working either on this specific device or on similar platforms.

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