Linksys EA8300 or MR8300: which one should I get?

Hello, Searching the forum and the wiki I thought I'd get myself a Linksys EA8300. I saw the newer MR8300 is available for the same price. It appears to be very similar to the EA8300, but comes with 512 MB of RAM vs. 256 MB for the EA8300. On the other hand, the EA8300 is very well supported by OpenWrt, for the MR8300 that is not immediately clear.

Will OpenWrt work well with the MR8300? Which one should I get?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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If the prices are comparable, always the one with more RAM (the rest of the devices is virtually identically anyways).

The MR8300 just needs 21.02, while the EA8300 has been supported in previous stable releases, but that shouldn't be an issue with 21.02.0 just around the corner and 21.02.0-rc3 already available.

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Great, thanks! The MR8300 it is!

I own both and they are basically identical except for more RAM on MR, more RAM is always better.

Back when MR was unsupported/snapshot, I used EA OpenWrt Factory on MR and it worked perfectly also.

MR always, now that price went down.

Just make sure you don't overwrite the failover OEM partition...

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Thanks for the warning!

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