Linksys EA8300 MTD partition 'rootfs_data' not found

My suggestion would be to flash OpenWrt from the OEM firmware, which should still be on your "other" firmware partitions. Dual-firmware devices are helpful with that!

This will overwrite your config -- you can try to save it with LuCI, but don't restore it verbatim!

While you have connectivity, I'd download both the "factory" and "sysupgrade" images.

I'd also pull up the installation instructions in a browser while you've got connectivity.

Since these are snapshots, you'll need to install LuCI manually, but I am guessing you've already done that once. If not, don't proceed without reading
(Personally, I install luci-ssl-nginx if I'm installing LuCI, for HTTP-S)

If you have LuCI up and running, install the luci-app-advanced-reboot package (as the easiest way to switch back to the OEM firmware partition)

Once you have that installed, confirm that the "Alternative" partition is OEM firmware. Reboot into the OEM firmware, and reinstall OpenWrt using the "factory" image.

If you run into problems and don't have connectivity, another way you can switch to the "other" firmware is to cause the router to "fail to boot successfully" three times. You can cause a boot failure by powering it on, waiting about 10 seconds (once the "booting" (WPS) light starts to flash), then switching it off. After three times, it will internally switch over to the other firmware for the next boot.

If you have any questions, ask now, while you've still got connectivity!!

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