Linksys EA8300: LuCI gives Bad Gateway response after some time has passed

I recently picked up an EA8300 and am using the snapshot build of OpenWrt for the EA8300. I installed LuCI successfully via ssh and was able to configure my router settings through LuCI just fine. It seems that after some time has passed, attempting to log into LuCI returns a 502: Bad Gateway response. I tried backing up my config and restoring after a firstboot via ssh, but even after being able to use LuCI again on a fresh install and restoration of my config, LuCI will eventually return the 502 response. Despite the 502 response from LuCI, the router is working perfectly fine. The Wi-Fi works and my devices connected via ethernet work fine, and I can ssh into the router successfully.

Any ideas on how I can get access to LuCI?


selectively reconfigure

fwiw, have you considered using 19.07 snapshot for EA8300 ?

The EA8300 has dual firmware. Assuming you only installed OpenWrt once, you could use the 'Recovery (Automatic)' method described here to revert back to Linksys OEM firmware by powering router on/off multiple times:

Then install OpenWrt factory image.

I have not. I installed the version that was linked on the EA8300 page ( I'll try the 19.07 snapshot and report back.

How do you selectively reconfigure? I assume sysupgrade -r /tmp/backup-*.tar.gz isn't selective, which is what I did.

do it manually one service at a time, with adequate testing after each

( rm /tmp/luci-* ... network / other / uhttpd restart ... flush browser cache etc. etc. )

in other words... something in your restore is breaking luci... probably https redirect.

I switched to 19.07 and decided to start fresh rather than restore my backup and, so far, everything's been stable for about 13 hours at the time of this post, including being able to access LuCI. I'll be keeping an eye on the situation but everything looks good now. Thanks!


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