Linksys EA8300 LEDs Turns Off

After setting the LEDs they dont stay turned on indefinetly and turn off after an hour or so, is this hardware dictated or some sort of bug?

Nothing special in the build, so past boot-sequence signals, they should be responsive without a mind of their own (kernel panic excepted).

So what do you think causes them to turn off on their own? Is there something specific to look for in the logs?

Forgot to add that when they turn off if I change anything in the LEDs configuration they turn back on again.

First would be to see if I or another can replicate. I just turned on ea8300:amber:world ea8300:amber:wps here and will see what happens.

i've bound those to netdev with the trigger set for link on. also "linksys:white" stopped working all together and whenever i set it it doesnt even turn on. dont know if it's linked or not but this happened after the sysupgrade failure prior to the patch.

The LINKSYS should just be boot-sequence, then power. Check that you don't have something configured in /etc/config/system or LuCI for the LEDs.

Once you've cleared everything out and rebooted, the following will turn on the three amber LEDs without touching your config or LuCI

cd /sys/class/leds/
for led in *amber* ; do ( cd $led ; cat max_brightness > brightness ) ; done

That should eliminate hardware or config issues.

i've cleared the LEDs from ../system and all the amber are now turned on after running the command and i'll report back wether they turn off again or not.

as for ea8300:white:linksys i used to be able to turn it on on-demand same as
from the LED configurations but now i can't. and in the boot sequence it doesnt light up as it did with OEM.
Could it be that it's control was linked to kernel and when sysupgrade erased it it stopped functioning?

They’ve been on till now. must be something else that turns them off. As for the Linksys white logo, I flashed stock and it didn’t turn on during boot so it might’ve died off or sth.
Thanks for the help.
If there isn’t anything else you want me try i’ll Mark this topic solved.

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You can determine the trigger "type" if it happens again with something like (changing for EA8300 LEDs)

jeff@office:~$ cat /sys/class/leds/tp-link\:green\:wlan5g/trigger 
none switch0 timer default-on netdev usbport [phy0rx] phy0tx phy0assoc phy0radio phy0tpt phy1rx phy1tx phy1assoc phy1radio phy1tpt 

Edit: Just back to the device from this morning and the LEDs are still on 10+ hours later.

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