Linksys EA8300 eth1 wan not working

I have a Linksys EA8300 that works fine with OpenWRT 19.07. I upgraded to 21.02 and then 22.03 and with neither eth1 works.

I tried with both the default DHCP configuration of WAN interface and also by assigning a static IP address, I then configured the firewall to accept any incoming packets. But eth1 cannot see the network nor it can be seen using ping. So I had to revert to 19.07.

I have read on this forum of others having issues with eth1, some are looking to configure a bridge, but I just would like the basics, a working interface.

Are there any plans to fix this issue, or is this router no longer supported after 19.07?

Thank you in advance.

if there are > 19 images available, it supported.

did you reset the device during/post upgrade ?

Yes of course I did

I build also my own version. Are the .config used to build the release downloadable images available anywhere?

I have done some more configuration tests and I found out that as soon as I create a vlan on eth0, eth1 stops responding.

I believe it is a known issue with IPQ40 devices.

For reference

See also

Therefore in conclusion 19.07 is still the latest working OpenWRT for Linksys EA8300.
Since I have issues also with my Linksys WRT 32X (wireless and other networking does not work properly in 21.02), I was wondering if the development team are going to continue to support 19.07 which is the last version working without issues for several devices.

I understand 19.07.9 is the final release.

ie. there will not be a 19.07.10.

I think only @NoTengoBattery optimised builds offer full VLAN support at this time.

Why do the developers insist on introducing changes with faults in new releases that then never get fixed? What is the point of making a new release if it may work only for a handful of devices? For what I am concerned the latest fully working release is 19.07

Ask the people maintaining the kernel?

19.07 is EOL, the world has moved on.

The kernel is regularly updated and there are efforts underway to transition the IPQ40xx to the newer DSA driver. Current patches are available and I've been running them for quite a while now.

With or without DSA support, one just needs to be aware of the driver limitations. The chip has one RGMII (Ethernet interface), as I recall. That the OS shows two or more NICs is basically smoke and mirrors.