Linksys EA7500v2 - help with a build

Hello everyone!

(if this is the wrong subforum for this I apologize)

I am new to the whole OpenWRT community although I have used prebuilt packages on previous routers. I currently own a Linksys EA7500v2 router and cannot find a shred of anyone trying to work on it. I am willing to try and build an image for it, however I have no idea where to begin when it comes to the coding or whatever needs to be done for it all. I am pretty handy with the hardware of electronics, but I have never really messed with any kind of software development before. If anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction with SDK's I might need, what files I will need to develop (kernels, firmware, etc.), programming languages, and anything friendly advice, I would greatly appreciate that. I would like to learn how to do it all myself because it sounds like something constructive to do on the weekends.

Thank you in advance!!

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how is the progress?

Hope openwrt can support for Ea7500 V2, I think u can try the TTL. View the TTL output of info. Maybe u can flash it

See Adding OpenWrt support for Linksys EA7500 v2