Linksys EA7500v1 configured as wifi extender problem

I installed 21.02.0-rc3 on the EA7500v1 router and configured it as wifi extender which wirelessly connected to the main router/gateway using the 5Ghz radio (in client mode). I also created a second wifi interface in AP mode using the same 5Ggz radio but with a different SSID. My main router's 5Ghz radio was at channel 149 but during intial wireless configuration (with Luci) I couldn't see channel 149. So I chose 'auto' channel. I also changed the country code to 'US'. After 'Save & Apply' I went back into 5Ghz interface configuration and this time channel 149 was there for selection so I changed the channel from 'auto' to 149. Everything seemed to be working fine afterward. I could see the 5Ghz SSID and connect to it. So far so good. But when I tried to move the 5Ghz wifi channel away from 149 (both main router and EA7500v1), the 5Ghz SSID would disappear. I have tried chanels 100, 116 and 132 and all with the same problem. I want to move away from channel 149 because Luci's wifi rdio scan tells me that my neighbors love 149. No one is using 100, 116 or 132 (80Mhz bandwidth). Please help.

To answer my own question the phenomenon is due to the fact that channels 100, 116 and 132 (also channel 52) are shared by wireless LAN and radar systems (weather radar is one) and need special attention to use them (DFS). Only channels 36 and 149 are wireless LAN exclusively. Learn something new everyday.

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