Linksys EA7500 V2 Which Download Image

I have a Linksys EA7500 V2 and would like to install OpenWrt on it. It does not seem to be on the list of supported hardware. I did see however someone referring to using the EA8500 V1 image and someone said the EA 6500 also works.

I am new to OpenWrt. I would rather a deployment through browse to firmware and have no knowledge of Linux to modify configs.... prefer to use Luci.

Anyone has EA 7500 V2 running ok with no issues during install, WiFi range, ...etc.

Thoughts? thinking of using the 19 build.

Thank you

EA7500 v2 has snapshot support.

You can consider the current release candidate: v21.02.0-rc1
OpenWrt ToH (Table of Hardware) for: Linksys EA7500 v2

Thank you both for replying.
Does that have Luci in it. Like just download the firmware and upload it through the oem firmware updates and it should boot up with openwrt gui ?