Linksys EA7500 V2 problems with wifi on version 23.05.3


I have a couple linksys EA7500 V2 routers that I have been using as access points with openwrt for a few years now. A couple of weeks ago I updated to version 23.05.3 and since then the wireless connections have been giving me nothing but problems.

At first the connection seemed to work fine, but after a couple days it would start behaving in a weird way, the computers would lose connection to the internet while still being connected to the wifi. This would happen both in the 5ghz and 2.4. The first couple times reseting everything would make the connection start working again, but now nothing works.

Anything connected to the lan ports works as expected, with no problems at all, when connecting to the wifi I can't even access the luci interface on the device, while it is accessible by any other computer in the network connected by cable.

I have reset the devices to default settíngs with no luck.

I have installed the same version of openwrt on a belkin ac 1750 and used the same configuration as in the linksys and everything seems to work fine.

Is anyone aware of any bugs in that version of openwrt for the linksys?