Linksys EA7500 V1 supported?

Hello! Is the Linksys EA7500 v1 supported by LEDE?

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For the support status of any device see the ToH.

ToH filtered for EA7500 -> not supported

For info: device specs:

From the hardware's point of view, the device probably is supportable - but it still needs someone with the device to actually add OpenWrt support for it (you might borrow larger parts of the code from the already supported linksys ea8500, but you will have to do quite some modifications (DTS, device scripts, firmware format and sysupgrade support) yourself).

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Can you help me, how can I do this?


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I just bought on aftermarket "bricked" EA7500 v1. After resetting - seems that works perfect!

I'm willing to open it and contribute to community for building OpenWRT for that device.

Curently i'm looking for USB-RS232 cable to get console messages.

Can you point me to some article how to do that? I mean how to upload images and information about device.

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If anybody could make a firmware image for the device they could base it off The Linksys supplied open source code For the device.

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Any updates on this status, please?

I am attempting the serial tftp method of image burn, as this device does not allow aftermarket image upload. I have soldered leads for TTL-USB, installed drivers, selected the appropriate com, set the 115200, 8n1 1v8 jumpers... etc etc .. but I don't get data in terminal. Anyone willing to give guidance here?

Since snapshot support for EA7500 v1 has been added in May this year and the initial question is answered now, I'm going to set a timer for this topic to close.

Please open new topics for any open issues with this device.


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