Linksys EA6700 recommendations?

I have a Linksys EA6700 V1 with Firmware:[ DD-WRT v3.0-r38326 std (01/18/19)] I am wondering what it would take to install firmware with bandwidth control per user/device(not just monitoring). Not just limit speed. As I am looking at many options including OpenWRT and Gargoyle. As I have looked at Open WRT list and find EA3500 and EA8500. I am left to wounder if there is a chance that I could move forward with anything? My only search results give me this page link SECURITY ALERT - Linksys Routers (Under STOCK firmware)! and no other model spicific information that I know of. I do not know how to program / script hardware/software specific devices yet. Need a plug and pray resolve, Thank you.

EA6700 is currently not supported by OpenWrt.


Old OpenWrt forum thread:

Are you trying to get this device supported by OpenWrt?

…and just to extend the post above, at least the 5 GHz wlan has no chance to 'ever' be supported (well enough to be usable and/ or exceed 54 MBit/s) - and the 2.4 GHz doesn't fare much better either (not sure if brcmsmac does support AP mode at all).

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