Linksys EA6700 flashed as EA6500 v2

I was tired of AdvancedTomato on my EA6700, so I decided to change firmware. DD-WRT was working bad (suddenly), so I decided to try OpenWRT for EA6500 v2. I compared hardware descriptions of these 2 devices and found no differences. So I flashed v19.07.7 from here ( ), and it runs well so far. Maybe I need to check something for working? I want to try installing VPN now.

How did you flash it. I now have the stock firmware. The firmware available for EA6700 is linksys-ea6500-v2-squashfs.trx. There is no factory image or sysupgrade image. I didn't find a clear tutorial for how to install squashfs.trx images from stock firmware.

How did you install it ??? I tried and it gives me an error

you just do a firmware upgrade with them

Sorry, I have to come here more orten.

I installed OpenWRT firmware upon AdvancedTomato (usually AT works nice, but not with this model), there were no problems with it. Yes, sometimes you have to go a long way: firstly change native firmware to something like AdvancedTomato or DD-WRT, and then install OpenWRT.

try to install and the same error AdvancedTomat,and DD-WRT,

  1. downgrade to linksys firmware 1.40
  2. login to linksys webgui, upgrade firmware to dd-wrt firmware (for ea6700)
  3. login to dd-wrt webgui , upgrade to openwrt firmware ( for ea6500v2 )

looks like wifi only working on 2,4 ghz ( Generic 802.11bg )

after installing brcmfmac-firmware-43602a1-pcie cases to come up as dd-wrt again
strange ?
so i reflashed openwrt