Linksys EA6350v3: Installing 23.05.0-rc3 (kernsize change)


Reading the articles linked below - it's been suggested that to install (that uses kernel 5.15) I'll have to alter the kernel partition size, from its limited to 3MB to 5MB, ie:

fw_printenv                  #Verify kernsize is 300000
fw_setenv kernsize 500000    #Set new size to 500000
fw_printenv                  #Confirm kernsize is now 500000

Can I ask if has anyone run through these steps already? Did it go smoothly? Anything else I should be considering /mindful of before upgrading to this (DSA-enabled) release candidate for EA6350v3?

Many thanks!

Ref Articles:

Take a look here @fidoedidoe before updating.
I'll stay in 22.03.5 in my MR8300 for a long time.

@Klingon thanks for the info - I don't have 1Gb/s+ internet (just 500Mb/s), so I'm not sure I'd be overly impacted by the DSA speed issue you linked (many thanks for the heads up!!). I have other reasons for migrating to 23.05.x so I may push forward with the upgrade regardless - I'm just intrigued about the "kernsize" change mentioned in the opening post (and ideally would like to hear it's worked for someone).

Hi @fidoedidoe thanks for the reply,

Maybe @badulesia can tell you more than I (I haven't changed to 23.XX.XX in my MR8300)

Thanks and good luck in your upgrade!!!

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I helped debugging this in dec 22 on a MR8300. I've never tried on another device but I remember that the author of the patch runs it on a EA6350. The commands are easy and safe. Once done you can boot everything transparently. Flash a 23.05 factory and reconfigure from scratch.

EDIT : yes the author ran it on a EA6350v3 (read github thread).


I have ran snapshot/23.05 since january now, but I have reinstalled 22.03.5 lately as the device is about to get 1Gb fiber. I'll make several tests on 22.03 and 23.05 with the script given in the DSA thread.

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I'll be glad to see it!!! I'm not very optimistic about 23.05 results :rofl:
Thanks for you help @badulesia

The script is meant for 22.03, I'm not even sure it runs/works for 23.05!
Actually the device is "in production" and I can't perform tests. I'll be available in a few days.

According to tech specs, the ipq4019 has hardware NAT capabilites, but it's not implemented in OpenWrt. That would be the real goal if someone has the skills to do this.

If hw nat is nss related then you'll probably see this in many years or never...(check nss threads)

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I agree with you @maurer

Do you refer to this ?

Nope - I'm referring to qualcomm nss cores

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I did well asking. I'll have a look.
EDIT : understood. I have even find this in the OEM bootlog for the MR8300.
[utopia][init] Loading QCA Ethernet, NSS and GMAC drivers

Boot partition upsize worked as noted with our EA8300.

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Just a quick note.
If your ISP uses PPPoE for the wan connection the MR8300 is not powerful enough for a gigabit PPPoE connection even on stock firmware

In my testing, I could get around 300-400mbps with OpenWRT and around 700 to 800 on Linksys firmware.

I ended up sticking to the ISP-provided Mercku M6a which is based on OpenWRT and the MediaTek MT7621 and managed to gain access to Luci for my firewall tweaks and such.
This router gets 980Mbps

The bottom line is the MR8300 will not be fast enough for PPPoE(CPU can't keep up) even if and when hardware NAT is around, This will probably be the same for the EA6350 v3 as it has a similar CPU

I would recommend sticking to an ethernet-based wan connection by having a more powerful device act as the gateway and use the MR8300 or other device as the router as that way it is capable of full line speed gigabit on OpenWRT 22.03.05

PPPoE is what i hoped would be an issue but it turned out to be a very performance-intense protocol

As for the install process for OpenWRT linksys devices, it's pretty easy as they have dual partitioning so you are protected somewhat if you "soft brick the router" As long as you follow the device steps it should go smoothly.

I realise this wasnt a "quick note" XD

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:thinking: Really ? (kidding)

I have already think about all this. Main router will be a tiny x86 device. The MR8300 will be used as a luxuary AP. And I don't have PPPoE (never used in France).
Thanks anyway.

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Many thanks for the feedback/confirmation on the approach.

FYI - I upgraded -> 23.05.0-rc3 by changing the kernsize + reboot, then using sysupgrade method (ie directly from luci, not keeping settings/forced upgrade - due to migration to DSA).

If anyone wants me to run any tests (please give commands to run), I'd be more than happy to feedback results. I can dual boot between 23.05.x and 22.03.5 (but will have to do this out of work hours)

I installed mine from stock WebUI to OpenWrt with no issue.

I have also done this (on MR8300). What is important is that the boot variable is changed, not the origin of the flash.

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