Linksys EA6350 vs Linksys EA4500 vs

which one to choose?

Since my beloved Netgear 4300V2 is bootlooping still and I don't have the time to fix it right now, so need a backup/replacement router for it. Both cost almost the same at Pkr 2250 and Pkr 2900 another option is Netgear Nighthawk R6700 but it costs Pkr 7300.

The EA4500 contains abandonware - the Marvell wireless is dead, the drivers are unmaintained and the new owner (NXP) doesn't look interested in supporting them further.

The EA6350 v3 has seen multiple reports of bad signal, not sure in which band.

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No iPhone users here, also ISP router sits right next to the OpenWrt router.

Other prices I got from different stores. Can't go above 8000. Anything worth bargaining in this?
R7000 =8500
r7200 =8500
R7450 =10000
R8000 =13000
3R6400 =5700
R6700 =68000
R8000p =15500
R7000p =9000
Ac2600 =9500
Rax50 = 26000
Rax 40= 13000
Linksys wrt 1900acs 12000
Wrt 32x Ac3200 19000
Ea8500 8000
EA6900 5000
Ea7500 5500

We do expect you to 'do your homework' as one would say. We don't do spoonfeeding. So: check the Table of Hardware for all those devices. Scrap the Broadcom stuff. Scrap the Linksys WRT AC series (all Marvell wireless as well). What you want to look at is ath10k or mt76 wireless (personally I prefer the latter). Your list will be a lot shorter. Then you can come back and ask again (or decide yourself). Make sure you got enough flash - ideally 16 MB, and RAM, ideally 128 MB or more.

AFAIK the R6700, R7200 and R7450 are all similar MT7621 platforms with MT7615 radios, 2nd gen 802.11ac. NAND flash though, but Netgear's recovery (nmrpflash) is rather sturdy.

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I got lucky with netgear recovery once, but still trying to find time for second.
Nmrpflash developer was kind enough to develop new versions for my issue, but I don't get enough time this week on ethernet enabled system.
USB to Ethernet adapter will be delivered tomorrow.
Need at least 128mb flash to much stuff to install, ram obviously 128mb+.
I am confused between EA7500 V1 and V2. Qualcomm 8064 vs MT7621 but again these require 1.8V serial as backup.

I have narrowed it down to
EA7500 V1, EA 7500V2, R6700 and EA6350 v3. I confused between mediaTek and Qualcomm.

Name Processor Ram Flash USB Features Price
EA 7500 V1 2-core Qualcomm IPQ8064 @ 1400MHz 256 128NAND 1x 2.0, 1x 3.0 1.8V serial 5500
EA 7500 V2 MediaTek MT7621AT @ 880Mhz 256 128NAND 1x 2.0, 1x 3.0 1.8V serial 5500
R6700 MediaTek MT7621AT @ 880Mhz 256 128NAND 1x 3.0 NMRP flash 6800
EA6350 Qualcomm Atheros IPQ4018 @710 256 128NAND 1x 3.0 wirless issues. 2,899
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QCA needs more RAM than MediaTek for their 802.11ac drivers (256 MB should be okay though, also for QCA). You'll have more headroom on MediaTek. I'd skip the EA6350. The EA7500 v1 is the most powerful SoC you can get for the price. I'd advise the EA7500 v2, since the R6700 is pricier. But again, personal preference for MediaTek here.

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I have USB to TTL for 3.3V only. Can't find the 1.8V in my one day of research. I want the right tools on hand if anything goes south.

If I am really getting into nitty gritty, which one of these has better Wifi performance? I am just picking to it

For 1.8V serial connections the FTDI FT232RL based usb2serial adapters might be needed (do check that your desired one explicitly supports 1.8V, even if the main chip supports it, there's no guarantee that the manufacturer adds the supporting components to use it).

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1.8V USB TTL cost more than the current routers price :joy::rofl: