Linksys EA6350(v3) Tethering USB 3.0 Speed

Hi all,
I would like to ask for suggestions.
I am currently using Linksys EA6350(v3) + Moto G50 + usb3.0 cable (Bought from Amazon)

I am with Smarty in the UK and is always 5G connection.
I followed this page for the mobile tethering installation.

The other thing I did not follow exactly the same is instead of installing kmod-usb2 I installed kmod-usb3 as the router has a USB3 port.

So when I use mobile to test the speed from I get around 500Mbps but when I use usb tethering with the router I only get max. 100Mbps with the same testing server.

I am aware of the speed loss when using USB tethering but USB 3.0 does not seem to be helping.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Check that the phone is actually linking in USB3 mode. You should see "super speed USB device" in the log when plugging in / starting up the tether.

Check router CPU usage during a speed test. I don't know if tethering will use multiple cores effectively.

Thanks for your reply. Surprisingly, it's using usb 2.0 if i am correct?

Mon Aug 8 13:00:58 2022 kernel: [55.840123] usb 1-1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using xhci-hcd

Do you have ideas why it's doing that as I am already using a usb3.0 max 5Gbps cable?

CPU usage during speed test is
Owner:root Command:[ksoftirqd/0] CPU: max. 23% Memory:0%

Yes, "high speed" means USB2. Plug in something else that is definitely USB3.

23% CPU usage looks suspiciously like one of the 4 cores is being maxed while the others are idle. Is irqbalance active?

Moto G50 only supports USB 2.0 speeds.

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You are right. Yes, After all investigation it is USB 2.0 but it's still faster/cheaper then my home broadband so will keep it as it is.

I have activated irqbalance now and I can see CPU0 and CPU1 are being used (by using this command -> cat /proc/interrupts) but not 2 and 3 but like @mk24 said the mobile itself is usb2.0 so probably that's why I am not getting higher than 100Mbps. I know the max for USB 2.0 is 480Mbps but I imagine that's the Lalaland scenario.

         CPU0        CPU1          CPU2         CPU3
 94:     251527     446833          0          0     GIC-0 164 Level     xhci-hcd:usb1
 95:          0          0          0          0     GIC-0 168 Level     xhci-hcd:usb3
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What can be done is using usb 2 (tether) and wifi hotspot from the mobile as wan and aggregating them with mwan3.

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