Linksys ea6350 v3 (civic) issue

Hi there. i have linksys ea6350 with installed v3 firmware (by civic). I reset my device, tried to connect to it through but it doesn't work. just wanted to change my wi-fi settings etc. what can i do i this case? also there is a wi-fi with name civic, but i don't know what is the password.

"v3 firmware" is not a known OpenWrt version... I'm not sure what exactly you have installed, but it is not part of the official OpenWrt project. Please feel free to clarify if I've misunderstood.

Please reach out to "civic" for help with your issue.


i installed this (like 3 yers ago +-)

Oh... does that mean the hardware itself is labeled "v3 (by civic)"?

If you have OpenWrt installed from ~3 years ago, you'd likely be running 19.07.

Anyway, try failsafe mode.