Linksys EA6350 runs hot?

Anybody else notice that the router gets really hot on the underside?

Feelings with unknown accuracy in an unknown environment of unknown air temperature and unknown heat sources around the device etc. don't say anything about if the device is operating within it's design limits or not.

One easy way with trust to the product's engineers: look into the product data sheet, in which way the product should be operated e.g. in which air temperature and in which orientation.

More advanced, if you don't trust the engineers: open the device and make measurements (not touch feelings) of the temperature of the components, find out, what their temperature limits are under load and compare this.

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fwiw. there appears to be what looks like a huge flat heatsink on the underside of the PCB (from

The underside of my ea6350v3 barely luke warm in room temperature of 22C. Wifi is disabled though.

I'll try turning on the wifi and see if it gets toasty....

Update: Feels slightly warmer. 38C according to digital thermometer placed underneath the router.

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My bad , sorry to waste your time testing Bill as it was combined heat from where the EA6350 was sitting on top of a even hotter Superhub 3 that was on it's side.

I didn't realize that the SH3 could get so hot in Modem Mode so i shouldn't have had it on its side let alone a router on top blocking the vents while i was testing.

Lesson learnt.

Just noticed your update that you even went to the trouble of using a digital thermometer , sorry again that you put yourself out , you've been a great help to me since i joined.

Thanks :+1:

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With today's 802.11 ac and ax designs, the wlan cards are often getting hotter than the SOC itself.


I have a Fritzbox 4040 here using the same IPQ4018 which I bought with a hardware defect. However no heatsink at all. The 5 Ghz Wifi isn't working, you don't see anything on the PCB or SoC. Even though I am guessing my best bet would be that it was too hot. So be careful.

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ath10k driver has thermal throtling support, i'd expect the same is true for vendor driver. you must be facing some other issue.

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As these wireless routers get more powerful i hope it doesn't result in them using a small annoying fan.

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I can't tell. All I know is that the original AVM firmware restarts after a couple of seconds and OpenWRT doesn't find any 5 Ghz WiFi. If use the wireless config of a working 4040, the driver will output

 ath10k_ahb a800000.wifi: unable to Start LZ Stream to the device

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hijack this thread. It is just interesting that even though 2.4 and 5 Ghz are on the same SoC, the device has internal antennas, it is still possible that the 5 Ghz part doesn't work for whichever reasons while everything else does. My only explanation would be that it got too hot.

Since i've stood the Superhub 3 upright separate from the EA6350 both have stayed luke warm.

Don't know what caused the thermal run away but they didn't like being in close proximity , i assume the PCB's interfered with each other?

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