Linksys EA4500 v1 stuck at led blinking

I installed openwrt on my linksys ea4500 v1 router and was using it as wireless repeater.
For 4-5 days it worked fine but when i woke up today morning, all devices were offline. So i went to check router and saw that the white cisco led is blinking with interval of 1 second . I tried to turn on and off but nothing happened. it is just blinking infinitely
Search on google for this issue but nothing what i tried :

  1. Tried to reset router with reset button but nothing happened.
  2. Tried to get into failsafe mode nothing happed.
  3. Plugged in pc with lan cable but the pc is not getting any connection. The lan ports are not lit.
    No wifi signals as well.

Plz guys what could be the reason need help. ASAP