Linksys ea3500 wireguard performance

I’m using an ea3500, but I noticed the speeds are pretty slow. I’m aware it’s an old router. Im using WireGuard as the vpn provider, and I’m getting 10-15mbps on a Speedtest. Anything I can do to improve my throughput?

Disable wireguard, VPN doesn't do anything for privacy anyway.

I also am using this strictly as a WireGuard vpn. Should have mentioned that originally

I opted for wireguard over openvpn since. I thought the overhead was lighter

It is.

But you're using a 7 year old device...

I said I was aware it’s an old router.

Are you commenting to simply state the obvious? Because I’m aware disabling wireguard will fix throughput and it’s an older piece of hardware.

Doubt there's anything you can do on the ea3500, if you have $35 you could invest in a 2gb Raspberry Pi 4 and run the vpn on it with the ea3500 as a dumb ap, you should get around 120 mbps with openvpn that way and I'm sure much better with wireguard (haven't tried wireguard yet so don't know what exact speeds it would get).


I have a spare RPI4 4gb maybe I’ll try it with that. I’d have to build my own image, right?

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Thanks I’ll give that a go. Appreciate everyone’s help

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