LINKSYS EA3500: Enable all 5G channels

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ok so looking at the snapshots i found a config file , i guess they went the route of generic vs the audi route , but now how do i apply your patch to the mix so that it compiles 18.06.0 with your patch in the kernel to the mwl8k ? Or do you have telegram i think it would be easier for me to talk to you quickly so that i dont take too much of your time ?

after many hours and i mean many hour thinking that it was compiling the files , nothing was outputed , it started last night and finished this morning exactly as i woken up. this sucks.

Okay , Is there a wa to turn this device back to OEM firmware ? i cannot find any article that explains how to revert back .

hello file cannot download can send me ?i dont know how to get all email address