Linksys EA2750 firmware building


I was trying to build a firmware for the Linksys EA2750 with easyCWMP and Luci ...It has MT7620A, MT7530.

In the menuconfig I choose

Target System (MediaTek Ralink MIPS)
Subtarget (MT7620 based boards)
Target Profile (MediaTek MT7620a + MT7530 EVB)
and other packages for the CWMPclient and Luci as necessary

I am not sure about the subtarget and targetprofile I chose.

So now after the make was completed I flashed the sysupgrade bin file and it went fine and said successful upgrade but nothing really happened as it came back with the same Linksys webpage... I dunno why I did it but just out of curiosity I flashed it with the other bin file (openwrt-ramips-mt7620-mt7620a_mt7530-initramfs-kernel.bin) and it bricked the router.

Please help me build a working firmware and also the brick as the reset button is not functional and I am trying the tftp but not sure if it will also work as the reset button itself is not causing any change in the blinking pattern of the LED's.

please help

flashing that device is somewhat tricky, since it use NAND storage. i never managed to even make a image that would flash but bricked one completely, e.g. no console output.

for an initramfs image look here, you 'll need to open it and connect cp2102 or similar:

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Did you finally manage to flash a build to ea2750 which worked fine?

Nah, I made firmwares which would flash but nothing successful came out of that. So no it didn't work for me and I left it after a while.

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