Linksys EA-6350 Can't change LAN IP

I have a replacement EA-6350 and i put OpenWRT on it. I have it up and running and i wanted to test the internet connection, without killing my existing connection. So i was going to plug into my existing router in a regular LAN plug then plug into my new one into the WAN connection (I did this before with a older router). But I tried to change the New IP from to and it wont take the change.

Is your existing router using 192.168.1.x subnet on its LAN ?

If yes, you have to change the LAN IP on openwrt to use a different subnet to what it sees on its WAN port. eg.

Hello Chris, welcome to the OpenWRT forum.

Could you be more specific: Where and how do you try to change which IP address, and what did you observe after your attempt? How is your existing router configured?

the solution is that only the ethernet cable from the pc to the router need to be plugged in, and if the router is connected via wwan turn the radio down. basicaly you need avoid any address on wan interface to change lan ip range.

also you cannot do that if you use the wan port the ip shoul be

So i got everything changed over. Description of what i have.

  1. Cable Modem Incoming (WAN)
  2. Computer running OPnsense with 2 NIC cards (LAN, WAN)
    2b. LAN is setup as DHCP with a IP of
  3. Netgear 8 port dumb switch (plugged into LAN port on OPNsense)
  4. Linksys EA6350 runing OpenWrt set as (plugged into switch)
  5. EA6350 sharing WIFI to Wifi Devices.

I got the OpenWrt to change the IP to so i can manage it and keep a conflict from happening to the Opnsense.

I got everything running last night but i am running into problems with the WIFI Settings and setting up the ports on the back.

I have the 802.11bgn wifi running right now, but when i try to set the 802.11acn it says that it is disabled. But also with that i cant get my Xbox One to connect to the bgn or acn wifi.

It says that the acn device is not active, also the wifi says Wireless is not associated.