Linksys E8450 vs Linksys Arena Pro 6

For considerations of applying the UBI memory build (dangowrt), is there any difference in what is now sold just as the Linksys E8450 and what was once sold as the Linksys Arena Pro 6? Are they indeed the same hardware wise?

yes, I saw the other post (2022) on this issue but there was never a definitive answer. I wasn't able to find the fcc id on the Arena Pro and people I spoke to at Linksys Support weren't able to confirm this either. They did say the difference between the sku on the Arena Pro 6 boxes being E8450 and E8452 was just that the E8452 was just a 2 pack and they were pretty sure it was the same hardware as the Standard/current E8450 but couldn't state that with 100% confidence.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, they are exactly the same. I acquired a pair sold as "E8452" and they are 100% compatible and hardware identical to the E8450.

Thank you! I'm going to do the same