Linksys E8450 (UBI) - 2.5GHz stops working for dual band devices

Hello All,

I installed OpenWrt on my Belkin RT3200 and have been using it for a while now. Have been using the basic configuration. I noticed that after a couple of weeks, the 2.5GHz band (802.11 n) stopped working on my phone. I have both the bands with same SSID configuration.

My TV and Android TV (Asus Nexus Player) both are connected to the 2.5GHz. My TV (Sony Bravia) does not have dual band support and works only with the 2.5GHz band. When the problem starts happening, I see that the devices capable of both bands, work in the 5GHz band but fail to connect to the 2.5 GHz SSID. However, my TV, which supports only 2.5GHz, works without issues.

I have to do a power cycle of my router to get it to work again. I do not have this problem at the moment, but would like to know what all I should be collecting (logs/screenshots from opwenwrt) when I see it the next time.

Here is the current status page snapshot:

Thank you in advance

PS: I also noticed that for the TV remote control app to work from my phone, I have to have the phone also switch to the 2.5GHz SSID. Any idea how to work around that?