Linksys E8450 - slow speeds

Hi, my provider bumped my connection from 300/300 Mbit to 700/700, but speed tests show that it gets around the 400 Mbit for few secs, sometimes it hits the 700 Mbits for few secs, then drops down to ~200 Mbit. I have enabled both software and hardware NAT offloading, but that didn't seem to do much. The CPU isn't doing anything (2% usage...) - observing using htop.

Any other tips? or is my router simply somehow not powerful enough, even when there is no CPU usage?

I should add that file transfer within my local network works well, its always hitting around 110 MB/s, so I guess router is fine? Not sure how that works exactly.

Sounds like some kind of QoS to me, on router, client, or enforced by ISP.

Would there be anything that I can check from my side before barking on provider's support team?

if you've got another router, swap them out, then you'll at least rule out the E8450.

There are QoS settings in Windows, in other OSes, I have no idea.


If your ISP uses PPPoE, you may be affected by this issue - the speed threshold for it becoming relevant is indeed around 350 Mbps:

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No, they are using static IPs. Also I unfortunately don't have another router. I contacted them about this, let's see what will their technician do today.

So, I was told that from the moment they bumped up the connection speed they had ~830k small outages, in span of ~10 hours. So all good, my router is still amazing. Thank you all for your tips

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