Linksys E8450. Should I re-install newest ubi installer for future openwrt version?

I heard that many E8450 bricked by UBI layout problem with some openwrt version 23.05.2 and snapshot?

Should I re-install ubi installer version 1.1.2 on openwrt23.05.3 webgui before upgrading to future openwrt version? What should I avoid to brick the routers?

I have 4 E8450. ubi installer 1.0.1 and running openwrt 23.05.3. will it bricked if I using sysupgrade.
and ubi installer 1.0.3 with openwrt 23.05.3
and others on stock firmware.

I can only simple lanport tftp but no much advance knowledge.

The issues being reported are still being investigated, so there is no proper solution yet. The stable OpenWRT (23.x) runs properly but only with the layout you already have (from UBI installer 1.0.x). If you run the UBI installer 1.1.x now, you'll be limited to using SNAPSHOT. Without advanced knowledge or a strong reason to be on a snapshot build, you probably shouldn't do it.

If you're worried about the risks from the potential problems we're seeing, there is something you can do now to safeguard yourself against it. From each router's backup / firmware upgrade page, you should take a backup of your 'factory' mtdblock entry (mtd2 on stable OpenWRT 23.x or older firmware). This is the one and only thing on the router that is unique to each individual unit. As long as you have that file, a few tools, and the steps laid out in the main thread for this router, you'll be able to recover in the future if you do somehow end up with a brick.


Thanks for reply. I follow your suggestion to back up mtdblock. There are bl2, fip ,factory and ubi.

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