Linksys E8450 not detecting lan cable device after reboot

My routers IP is and my Openmediavault machine having infinite time static IP set in the router is Both are connected via cat6 cable, and so are my other devices.
Whenever I reboot my router, the OMV machine is not detected. What ill have to do is restart the OMV device manually for the router to detect.
This was not the case when I run openwrt on an archer a6 (having the same configurations as main Liksys E8450). The moment both are connected via lan cable, the device gets detected in the DHCP client list. Same with my Google Asus Onhub (no openwrt, just saying this because I tested with this router).
My other device (raspberrypi 4) running OMV (same OMV version on both the device) also works after rebooting the router without issues. All other devices work well.
Also, whenever it connects, it connects only to because I have set this as infinite time static IP.

My router firmware is 22.03. How can this be fixed for the E8450 to detect the lan cable device after reboot?

I hope I have provided enough information to discern this issue. Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

It's actually up to the device to request a new IP address. This usually happens after the Ethernet carrier is lost and re-detected. The router may not drop the carrier long enough during a reboot to trigger the device to restart its network.

If the device doesn't make a DHCP request, the router will not know that it exists.

The device which I say that is not working is a Core2duo. It is not a SBC. I guess the solution you have is for an arm SBC.

Like I mentioned in the main post. It's works well with archer A6 running openwrt. So the device is making requests like you mention. Only with E8450 running openwrt there's an issue like this.