Linksys E8450 | Cannot access OEM firmware configuration page

I purchased several used Linksys E8450s to set up with OpenWRT, which has worked well for 3 out of 4.

However, one of the routers is not cooperating. No matter what I do, I am not able to access the OEM configuration page.

The router is reset, it will assign a DHCP address if connected to Ethernet or the default SSID (using password on bottom of router), and will allow connections to the internet. The gateway is

However, I cannot connect to the web interface from a client in Ethernet or WiFi. I get a connection refused message. If I do nmap, I see that only ports 53, 2601, and 3517 are open.

This is really weird and no matter how many times I reset the router, I can’t get it to allow me into the administration page. Any thoughts here? Am I missing something? Again, I had no trouble setting up the other three.


Try turning off wifi on your computer, then use an ethernet cable between the E8450 and your computer. Make sure there are no other network connections at all to either your computer or the E8450.

Then restart the E8450 and see what happens.

Hi, thanks for the reminder, but I have definitely done that. I have tried from multiple machines and even tried different Ethernet cables. I have tried a manual Ip address as well.

I still have the same issue. The router seems alive, but port 80 is just not open. Again, nmap shows only 53, 2601, and 3517 as open ports on

Try serial next ?

Have you engaged failsafe mode yet?


Unfortunately I don’t think failsafe will work because it is still on the stock Linksys firmware, I haven’t yet been able to even attempt to flash OpenWRT in it. I bought it used and had only done a factory reset to it.

I tried to telnet with port 2601, that actually connects and gives a “Vty password is not set” and then immediately disconnects.

It didn’t seem to try to connect to a TFTP server either.

I appreciate the help, but it seems something is really weird or wrong with this specific unit (I set up 3 others just fine) and I am not certain it is worth my time to play with it much more.

My impression is that that device is running something other than the Linksys stock firmware, and that it was far from a standard type of configuration.

You could contact linksys if you believe that it is running their firmware and see what can be done.

Otherwise, as @frollic stated, you probably need serial to see what is happening.

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To add to the mystery and drama, I actually had reached out to Linksys first. They weren’t very helpful as one might imagine. However, they were not able to verify the serial number on the device as a valid one. Perhaps maybe all that means is that it is a returned/defective item.

Opening it up, it looks like the videos in YouTube, but I don’t have time right now to connect to serial.