Linksys E8450 (AX3200) local version ‎E8450-JP-A

So I hear good things about the Linksys E8450 (AX3200). However the local version available in Japan is: ‎E8450-JP-A. Did anyone successfully install OpenWrt on the Japanese version?

Try grabbing the FW for the two models and compare them, if they're identical, the hw likely is too.

But you can't be 100% sure, there could be differences on flash level (content wise).

I'd not attempt a flash w/o serial console access.

Thank you for that pointer!

Slight hiccup there. Looking at their support sites I see JP uses an older version, but all download links go to

Looking at the release notes, they are identical (version numbers, dates and English description), up until of course the newer US versions.

So, I am feeling (perhaps foolishly :slight_smile: ) hopeful. I will give it a go.

JP site latest:

US site latest:

Ok, it worked fine using this guide:


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