Linksys E8450 (aka. Belkin RT3200) factory firmware backup

Forum members,

I recently obtained a Belkin RT3200 that I am desirous of converting to OpenWRT firmware. I reviewed the website URL as follows hereupon and additionally viewed the entirety of the video it has linked within. I understand that the UBI installer is the proper manner by which to instantiate the latest OpenWRT firmware version on the RT3200. In as much as this is the case, I also am desirous of assuring I make a proper backup of the OEM firmware and associative components such that I could restore the OEM firmware in the future if I need or want to.

One thing that the "Backup stock/vendor bootchain" instruction section fails to set forth or otherwise indicate (unless I missed it) is when I must copy off that backup of the OEM firmware during the 13 step process of installing OpenWRT on the RT3200. Can any expound upon this? I also presume that if I have the files backed up as indicated in the "Backup stock/vendor bootchain" that is sufficient to restore the RT3200 back to its factory state should I need to?

I welcome the forum's questions and comments.


I have not restored or needed to yet but I did back the boot files

you ssh into the router

mkdir /tmp/boot_backup
mount -t ubifs ubi0:boot_backup /tmp/boot_backup

this mounts the files in the tmp/backup folder
using WinSCP in SCP mode copied the mtd0 & mtd1 file from that folder to your PC

I also backup the available "Save mtdblock contents" in the luci "backup \ flash" firmware menu
just in case they are useful later hoping the ART is somewhere in there

I'm presuming if it goes bad "have not done this bit & hope i don't have to"
via a serial cable following the instructions to restore the OEM boot loader files to mtd0 & 1
hopefully this will allow me to tftp the oem firmware back in

I do note i don't have the mtd2 and mtd3 but hoping the oem firmware restores these