Linksys E8450 11ac faster than 11ax with 23.05-SNAPSHOT

While it is very likely your issues are similar to what is happening in 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver?, we cannot rule out your client device ax201 is responsible. I looked at ( and found only low amount of commits, which either means a) this device receives support under a different name than ax201 or b) there is low amounts of support or c) most changes are done in firmware. Either way, debian 11 uses linux kernel 5.10, whereas OpenWrt is in the process of moving to 6.1 right now, so there could have been lots of updates in the meanwhile. Not only in the driver, but also in more general code, which is shared by multiple drivers.

Your argument that 160 MHz channel bandwidth leads to more interference is a good one, but i would expect from good code to ensure that throughput and latency is still good, even when there is interference. Furthermore, protocols like ax and ac that use both broader channel bandwidths and 5 GHz channels are theorized to have lower range than 802.11n protocol, so you will encounter less interference when compared to legacy devices, because they cannot reach as far.

In my opinion, to increase support for your call to removing 160 MHz capabilities, one thing would need to happen:

Proof that removing 160 MHz capabilities actually fixes your problem. Testing code and pull-requests is always welcome :slight_smile: