Linksys e2500 lose SSH and WEB acess after instaling

Good night, I have a problem with my linksys e2500v3 after installing open wrt, I totally lose access, I can only access via serial
Has anyone ever experienced this

Good morning, from the forum where the sun never goes down.

Yes of course I have. That is kind of the thing with opensource, it from time to time totally derails.

So, what did you do just before you managed to pull of this adventure, besides working late in the night?

Do you have any more information from the serial connection?

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Looking around I found that I'm not the only one who went through this.
I think you should remove the e2500 version 3 firmware
I'll explain after the installation I end up losing the connection to so I get a strange ip, the access can only be done via serial
Updated as described here