Linksys AX1800 / Supported Wifi 6 in South Africa

Oh wow! can it be added to the TOH?

it's there ... link, painful to flash though, requires serial.

have one sitting next to me, "just" need to solder the serial pins :wink:

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Oh wow I was searching current release only and not including snapshot :eyes:

Soldering! what, why, how does serial work?

you can probably get away without the actual soldering, but it's much easier to have
those pins, and will require less hands, if you don't have the proper tools.

it's a 5 min job, if you know what you're doing.

Okay I'll read up on serial and see if I can deal thanks for the links :raised_hands:

Hmm, I see it has no USB port, do you think I'd still be able to host a website without the USB? 16MB flash :disappointed_relieved:

depends on the content, doesn't it ?

not many of the currently supported AX devices have an USB port -

Images, around 50 or more at 300kb or more ea... and the site code, etc, won't work right.

No way to add storage I imagine, so back to the search...

depending on what this is, you might find most consumer routers underpowered.

It will be a flask or can be static website, for a portfolio with pretty low traffic. At most 3 people might look at it at the same time if I were to send it to a group.
It will embed peertube but that traffic would go to the peertube server I imagine.

why not host it in the cloud, for free ?

with static content, I can't imagine there will be a lot of traffic generated ...

Linksys seems to have had good support for openWRT in the past, I wonder if that's still the case with their new tech

search, always use search 802.11ax Routers - #287 by Voidstranger

The Linksys E7350 is however supported -;a=commit;h=f4eef5f2a18400bc7f548d629e1d5825a2b26e5a

Are you mentioning the E7350 because you saw I could buy it locally?
I don't see it on the website

Nah, based on your comment in Linksys AX1800 / Supported Wifi 6 in South Africa - #15 by S7venLights

Well suppose I'm waiting til a friend can bring a router from the EU

Is there any way to tell if the MR7350 is the same thing with a different name?

read the post I linked to, two replies back.

Right sorry, not supported