Linksys Arena Pro 6 E8452 - is it just 2x E8450

Any confirmation that this item, referred to as E8452 is just two-pack of our beloved E8450? It seems so, also considering there is 3-pack E8453 SKU available, but I cannot find the confirmation anywhere.

I have also found some evidence that this "mesh" system is referred to as "Arena Pro 6"

assuming it's the same device, it's not worth it, the Belkin RT3200 is currently $60 at Walmart.

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I know, but I have an opportunity to purchase the above bundle for $70 used, which is a very nice deal assuming it is in fact E8450.

Thanks anyway.

see if you can find out the FCC ID, and compare them by looking at the hw.

or just ask linksys :slight_smile: