Linksys ACS1900 V2 - boot_part Issue

OK. new to the forum and LEDE and semi-new to Linux in general...

Just purchased a linksys ACS1900 v2 specifically for LEDE / DD-WRT. Now I accidentally did something stupid and would like to request help to fix the issue. Basic Background.

1). Installed LEDE.
2). wanted to switch back to OEM partition to install DD-WRT
3). Switched partition and somehow had LEDE on both partitions? not sure how..
4). no problem. Using Putty, wget OEM firmware and performed a sysupgrade -F back to OEM
5). The only thing is I forced firmware upgrade using ver hardware is V2, yeah not too smart.
6) now boot_part 2 not working due to incorrect version
7). switched back to working LEDE boot_part 1. router working.

Now the question I have is can/how do I flash the OEM firmware (correct version 2) back to boot_part 2 while leaving LEDE intact (boot_part 1).

Thank you in advance.

If you flash from boot_part 1 it will overwrite whatever is on boot_part 2 while leaving whatever is on boot_part 1 as is (and vice versa), so you just need to repeat what you did in step 4. Also, if you're going to DD-WRT, make sure Kong has Linksys stock firmware for your router so you can flash back to stock if needed, or make sure to leave Linksys on one of your partitions.

Thank you. I will give it a try.

KONG has deleted his mvebu folders, he longer posts/develops his images.