Linksys 8100 v2 install v2ray2a space issue

Anyone have any idea about the follow issue relate to linksys 8100 v2 snapshot image

1、after install the v2raya package the disk will full and show almost 100%. Just confuse about why the overlay space size is only 24mb and the temp space more than 100mb!
2、Wi-Fi 2.4G Operating frequency mode must be setting to Legacy and setting the Allow legacy 802.11b rates to true, then the client pc can thought wifi to connect to the openwrt route, otherwise failed. It is a bug?

In the end, When linksys 8100 v2 will have the release version, is there have the dead line? Thanks.


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You may check this After flashing snaphot version root full - #4 by lleachii

I use exroot now.

/tmp resides in RAM and is typically half of it.