Linksys 1900AC in AP get full wifi speed with main router

HI all
I don't know if this was discus here on forum , but I will try my questions here

I have 2 ISP each at speed of 1Gbps , so in total 2Gbps internet . Those 2 ISP goes into router Cisco 234p - here using multi WAN for load balance.
Now I will use my linksys1900ac as AP , but I would like to have 2gbps of internet on wifi
I don't know if is it possible and is logical
If you know how to do this please help me .
If you need more information just ask
Thank you

In practice, 1Gbps over wifi can only be achieved under very specific conditions, 2Gbps is just impossible with that hardware.

you refer to Linksys? that maybe going with wifi6 ?

A lot of recent routers still come with 1gbit ports, too.