Linksys 1200AC no WAN/LAN after installing LEDE (upgrade from CC15.05)

I upgrade Openwrt Chaos calmer to LEDE. Arer upgrade WiFi is working but LAN/WAN not. I can't access router via Lan, I land I can't connect to Internet by Wan (but I see interfaces in Lucia and Ifconfig). Where can be the problem?

If you upgraded from CC15.05 I recommend that you reset all settings (as I assume that you preserved settings in sysupgrade). There are several changes e.g. in interfaces etc.

Reset the router and rebuild the settings from scratch. Reset either from LuCI or with "firstboot" in console.

So (going from Luci) I should reset router to defaults and then make sys upgrade without keeping settings?

You have already flashed the new LEDE image, right?
Then there is no need to flash again.

You should have preferably sysupgraded without keeping settings, but you can achieve the same by selecting "reset" from menu in Luci, or issuing the "firstboot" command in ssh console and then rebooting.

All your settings and additional packages are in an "overlay" partition, which the reset will destroy. That will return the router to the same state as if the router would have flashed without keeping settings.

Ok, thank you - I will try it. Currently I roll back to CC version, so I will try again following your tips.

@hnyman thank you for your help. Now everything is working fine!