Linkstation LS-WXL

Hey guys,

I've been playing around with the linkstation LS-WXL for some time now, but unfortunately I can't get any further.
By default a 4Mbit (512kByte) flash is installed. Now I have replaced it with a 128Mbit (16MByte) flash.
Unfortunately Buffalo deactivated the serial output in the OEM u-boot.
When I copy the OEM u-boot from the old flash to the new one, it boots and starts searching for uImage. But if I compile my own u-boot, nothing happens.
The OEM u-boot is TFTP capable, unfortunately the system crashes when I transfer my u-boot.
The linkstation LS-WXL is included in the main Linux Kernel, does that help me?
Link: kirkwood-linkstation-lswxl.dts

My goal is to get OpenWRT installed on the linkstation.
Does anyone have any idea how I can proceed now?

Here are some specs of the LS-WXL:
CPU: marvell, kirkwood-88f6281
ETH: 1x 1Gbps
USB: 2.0
Flash: 4Mbit by default

thanks in advance for your help

I have same device and same need

Did you try debian? Unfortunately this didn't work for me.

Yes, It’s running Buster. I have tried Webmin and OMV, but Hardware is weak to run smoothly.

When I install Buster, the uboot cannot find the kernel, the red LED lights up and the CPU goes into the HALT state. The installation itself works, however.Did you have similar problems?

I have no problems at all. Try right boot loader
I can run Bulleye also

hey maxI95,
do you have any updated information?


Sorry, unfortunately I didn't look into it further.
Since I switched to a NSA325v2, I no longer needed the LS-WXL. But i managed to install debian, you might want to try that.