Linkit Smart 7688 - SD card not detected

Hello All, I installed openwrt 18.06.2, r7676-cddd7b4c77. Installed it on Linkit Smart 7688. The device came with 15.05.1

Openwrt 15.05.1 detected my sd card, it loaded into /dev/mmc... something. Openwrt 18.06.2 is totally ignoring it. As if I'm not inserting anything. How do I go about debugging this? I tried dmesg before and after inserting the SD card, and nothing appears. Any help appreciated!

Did you install the kmods/drivers?

I installed the following packages

opkg install block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-usb-storage-extras e2fsprogs fdisk
opkg install block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-usb-storage e2fsprogs kmod-usb-ohci kmod-usb-uhci fdisk

I think this should do it. But still, nothing. No /dev/mmcblk* device.

opkg list-installed kmod-\*
ls -l /sys/block
ubus call system board

Install kmod-sdhci-mt7620

when installing kmod-sdhci-mt7620, i met the issue::

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-sdhci-mt7620:
  •  kernel (= 4.14.180-1-d92769dc5268e102503ae83fe968a56c)
  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-sdhci-mt7620.

my device knows there is an SD card here, but I cannot find it in the files...

that line that says mmcblk0: p1 is telling you which partitions are available on it. do mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt and the files will show up in /mnt