Linkit smart 7688 openwrt 21.02.0 issue in i2c communication

Currently I build an image for linkit 7688 with openwrt 21.02.0 and I added mrra packages for python, python language, and the added i2c package. Then I want to verify whether my Mraa package working or not? For that I wrote a python script for UART communication at that time it is working fine. But when I tried to test i2c communication using python script it is showing error. I don't know whether it is issue with packages or issue with python code. Can anyone help me. I include kmod-i2c-algo-bit, kmod-i2c-algo-pca, kmod-i2c-algo-pcf, kmod-i2c-core, kmod-i2c-gpio, kmod-i2c-mt7628, kmod-i2c-mux, and kmod-i2c-mux-gpio packages for I2c communication.
my code is:
import mraa
m = mraa.I2c(0)

my error is : File "//", line 5, in
m = mraa.I2c(0)
File "/usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/", line 893, in init
this = _mraa.new_I2c(bus, raw)
ValueError: Invalid i2c bus

I also mraa.I2c(0,Flase). It is also giving me the same error.

Thanks in advance