Linking LED lights to VLAN

I'm using a WAX202 router with two wan sources. One is connected via the WAN port and the other is over a vlan trunk on the LAN1 port as br-lan.9.

I would love to be able to set one of my LED to be controlled by VLAN 9 so I can tell when the connection fails. As it is, the LED only tells me of activity over the port in general, which is fairly useless.

Have a look here, it should help:

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Sorry, but I don't see any mention of VLAN there.

It's easy to control a LED with the VLAN activity, but you want to turn it OFF "when the connection fails"?

You need a script for this. This subject has been discussed lately.

Still, I want to change LAN1's port to only show activity for br-lan.9, not all activity.
Maybe it's possible with a script, but I still see no one mentioning a way of having an LED respond to a VLAN instead of all activity on that port.

On every router that I have used, the ports LED are controlled automaticaly. It may be possible to control them by directly adressing the GPIO. But it's tough :sweat_smile:, and you'll need documentation about your device. I had an issue once that is closed to your.

Thanks. That's above my skill set ATM.


And mine too. I understand the problem, and may find how to solve this, but it'll need a huge amount of time for such a tiny result. Not worthy.

Maybe I should move this to feature request then.

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Have a look at this as an example. As you can see it is possible to control LAN LEDs when you know the GPIO configuration.