Link modem 4G with openwrt in router hg556a

I need to link modem 4g to my router hg556a to share wifi
I have this modem

please help me
if you have a solution
thank you

I'd start with

Some USB, LTE modems are "transparent", others use NAT and provide DHCP. Understanding which you have will be important.

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do you have a video, how to make new Interface correct.
How do I know what I have , Nat or DHCP
thank you

It depends on the firmware in the modem. I think it has to be a "try it and see" test. If you have a desktop/laptop that recognizes it, a hint would be if the address the computer gets is obviously a private one (192.168.x.y), or one that is probably one in the carrier's walled garden.

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